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May, 1st 2015 9th Annual Marathon Bull & Cow Dolphin Tournament 

Thank you to all our great sponsors that make this event happen and most important all the fantastic sportsmen and anglers.


2015 Marathon Offshore
Bull & Cow Dolphin Tournament

Largest Bull & Cow Combined:

  • 1st Place $10,000: Team Conetagious 42.8 pounds
    • Anglers: Don Deleon, Travis Bennet, Brian Cone, Dan Navmoff, Lindsey Diehl
  • 2nd Place $3,000: Team Shelter Bay Marine 40.4 pounds
    • Anglers: JJ Uebel, Matt Seltzer, Stephen Seibert, Stephanie Buckholt, Kelsie Higham, Braden Shoemaker
  • 3rd Place $1,000: Team Adios 37.6 pounds
    • Anglers: Steve Antinori, Chris Redding, Keith Meers, Tony Acker, Bob Title

Largest Dolphin Overall:

($3,500 Value) 2 Day Exotic Car Rental in Miami, Fl (Ferrari or Lamborghini):

  • Team Shelter Bay Marina 35 pounds

3 Largest Dolphin Combined Weight

  • 1st Place….. $2,500 Original Dolphin 24×36 Painting by Joe Suroviec:
    • Team Conetagious 69.2 pounds
  • 2nd Place…. C-Stik Rod & Penn Reel:
    • Team Shelter Bay Marine 53.8 pounds
  • 3rd Place…. C-Stik Rod:
    • Team Adios 49.6 pounds

Largest Wahoo Overall:

  • 1st Place…. $1,000: Team Reel E Sea 29.4 pounds
    • Anglers: Michael Suro, Eric Bigham, Ryan Lones, Rick Schlee, Nick Gadient, Michael Workinger
  • 2nd Place… C-Stik Rod & Penn Reel: Team MGS 7.6 pounds
    • Anglers: Greg Konrath, Teresa Konrath, Taylor Konrath, Sydney Konrath, Parker Konrath, Luis Leal
  • 3rd Place…. Salt Life Optics Glasses: N/A

Largest Blackfin Tuna Overall:

  • 1st Place…. $1,000: Team Capt. Pips 15.8
    • Anglers: Rick Moran, Charlie Leatherman, Todd Brescius, Anthony Allie, Robert Banks, Yvonne Drummond
  • 2nd Place… C-Stik Rod & Penn Reel: Team Old School 11.8 pounds
    • Anglers: Brian Russell, Jeff Gueldner, Brian Meyer, Kyle Marquez, Mark Rundall
  • 3rd Place… Salt Life Optics Sunglasses: Team Two Conchs/Mustad Hooks 10.8 pounds
    • Anglers: Austin Carlson, Alberto Miranda, Mike Macko, Emanuel Souza

Largest Tripletail Overall:

  • 1st Place…. $1,000: Team Right Away 11.8 pounds
    • Anglers: Dave Shillinger, Mike Wentzl, Josh Ardis, Heather Shillinger, “JC” Carlson jr.
  • 2nd Place… C-Stik Rod & Penn Reel: Team Reel Attitude 6.8 pounds
    • Anglers: David Craddock, Matt Craddock, Lisa Craddock, Kevin Alexander, Jim Miller, Bill Kirkland
  • 3rd Place…. Salt Life Optic Sunglasses: Team Main Attraction 5.6 pounds
    • Anglers: Bruce Boring, Pam Boring, Digger Rodamer, Marty Lewis, Katie Chesney, Alex Lewis

Largest Dolphin on Fly:

  • 1st Place…. $1,000: Team Superfishal 9.2 pounds
    • Anglers: Joe Suroviec, Suette Morris, Reece Lewis, Greg Nordheim
  • 2nd Place… C-Stik Rod: Team CCM 6.2 pounds
    • Anglers: Jim Miles, Ariel Medero, Dennis Trosell, Mark Loya, Joel Warrick, Gary Madison
  • 3rd Place…. Tsunami Pliers: Team Shelter Bay Marine 5.2 pounds

Top Female Angler Largest Dolphin:

  • 1st Place…. 2 Night Stay @ Faro Blanco Resort (Hyatt): Lindsey Diehl 17.2 pounds
  • 2nd Place… Salt Life Optic Glasses: Tanya Toro 13.2
  • 3rd Place…. Salt Life Optic Glasses Stephanie Buckholt 10 pounds

Top Junior Angler Largest Dolphin:

  • 1st Place…. Salt Life Optic Glasses: Team Halftime, Spencer Deano 12.6 pounds
  • 2nd Place… Salt Life Optic Glasses: Team Right Away, “JC” Carlson Jr. 7.8 pounds
  • 3rd Place…. Salt Life Optic Glasses: Jake Huston 7.4 pounds

Most Unusual: Two Conchs/Mustad Hooks, Blueline Tilefish 8.5 pounds

Hard Luck Award: Team MGS


Guy Harvey, Rum and Coke
Guy Harvey, Rum and Coke


Mustard Million Contest

Catch a STATE or WORLD RECORD Dolphin aka Mahi-Mahi and you can win a MILLION DOLLARS! Click Image to Registered to WIN.