10th Annual Marathon Bull & Cow Dolphin Tournament 

April, 29th – May 1st, 2016

Marathon, Florida Keys

2016 Tournament Begins In








Thank you to all our great sponsors that make this event happen and most important all the fantastic sportsmen and anglers.


2015 Marathon Offshore
Bull & Cow Dolphin Tournament

Largest Bull & Cow Combined:

  • 1st Place $10,000: Team Conetagious 42.8 pounds
    • Anglers: Don Deleon, Travis Bennet, Brian Cone, Dan Navmoff, Lindsey Diehl
  • 2nd Place $3,000: Team Shelter Bay Marine 40.4 pounds
    • Anglers: JJ Uebel, Matt Seltzer, Stephen Seibert, Stephanie Buckholt, Kelsie Higham, Braden Shoemaker
  • 3rd Place $1,000: Team Adios 37.6 pounds
    • Anglers: Steve Antinori, Chris Redding, Keith Meers, Tony Acker, Bob Title

Largest Dolphin Overall:

($3,500 Value) 2 Day Exotic Car Rental in Miami, Fl (Ferrari or Lamborghini):

  • Team Shelter Bay Marina 35 pounds

3 Largest Dolphin Combined Weight

  • 1st Place….. $2,500 Original Dolphin 24×36 Painting by Joe Suroviec:
    • Team Conetagious 69.2 pounds
  • 2nd Place…. C-Stik Rod & Penn Reel:
    • Team Shelter Bay Marine 53.8 pounds
  • 3rd Place…. C-Stik Rod:
    • Team Adios 49.6 pounds

Largest Wahoo Overall:

  • 1st Place…. $1,000: Team Reel E Sea 29.4 pounds
    • Anglers: Michael Suro, Eric Bigham, Ryan Lones, Rick Schlee, Nick Gadient, Michael Workinger
  • 2nd Place… C-Stik Rod & Penn Reel: Team MGS 7.6 pounds
    • Anglers: Greg Konrath, Teresa Konrath, Taylor Konrath, Sydney Konrath, Parker Konrath, Luis Leal
  • 3rd Place…. Salt Life Optics Glasses: N/A

Largest Blackfin Tuna Overall:

  • 1st Place…. $1,000: Team Capt. Pips 15.8
    • Anglers: Rick Moran, Charlie Leatherman, Todd Brescius, Anthony Allie, Robert Banks, Yvonne Drummond
  • 2nd Place… C-Stik Rod & Penn Reel: Team Old School 11.8 pounds
    • Anglers: Brian Russell, Jeff Gueldner, Brian Meyer, Kyle Marquez, Mark Rundall
  • 3rd Place… Salt Life Optics Sunglasses: Team Two Conchs/Mustad Hooks 10.8 pounds
    • Anglers: Austin Carlson, Alberto Miranda, Mike Macko, Emanuel Souza

Largest Tripletail Overall:

  • 1st Place…. $1,000: Team Right Away 11.8 pounds
    • Anglers: Dave Shillinger, Mike Wentzl, Josh Ardis, Heather Shillinger, “JC” Carlson jr.
  • 2nd Place… C-Stik Rod & Penn Reel: Team Reel Attitude 6.8 pounds
    • Anglers: David Craddock, Matt Craddock, Lisa Craddock, Kevin Alexander, Jim Miller, Bill Kirkland
  • 3rd Place…. Salt Life Optic Sunglasses: Team Main Attraction 5.6 pounds
    • Anglers: Bruce Boring, Pam Boring, Digger Rodamer, Marty Lewis, Katie Chesney, Alex Lewis

Largest Dolphin on Fly:

  • 1st Place…. $1,000: Team Superfishal 9.2 pounds
    • Anglers: Joe Suroviec, Suette Morris, Reece Lewis, Greg Nordheim
  • 2nd Place… C-Stik Rod: Team CCM 6.2 pounds
    • Anglers: Jim Miles, Ariel Medero, Dennis Trosell, Mark Loya, Joel Warrick, Gary Madison
  • 3rd Place…. Tsunami Pliers: Team Shelter Bay Marine 5.2 pounds

Top Female Angler Largest Dolphin:

  • 1st Place…. 2 Night Stay @ Faro Blanco Resort (Hyatt): Lindsey Diehl 17.2 pounds
  • 2nd Place… Salt Life Optic Glasses: Tanya Toro 13.2
  • 3rd Place…. Salt Life Optic Glasses Stephanie Buckholt 10 pounds

Top Junior Angler Largest Dolphin:

  • 1st Place…. Salt Life Optic Glasses: Team Halftime, Spencer Deano 12.6 pounds
  • 2nd Place… Salt Life Optic Glasses: Team Right Away, “JC” Carlson Jr. 7.8 pounds
  • 3rd Place…. Salt Life Optic Glasses: Jake Huston 7.4 pounds

Most Unusual: Two Conchs/Mustad Hooks, Blueline Tilefish 8.5 pounds

Hard Luck Award: Team MGS

Mustard Million Contest

Catch a STATE or WORLD RECORD Dolphin aka Mahi-Mahi and you can win a MILLION DOLLARS! Click Image to Registered to WIN.